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Tender Crest Labradors



Bettering the breed


Welcome To Tender Crest Labradors

Where happiness is just a paw away!😍

Tender Crest Labradors is committed to breeding high quality Yellow Labrador Retrievers. Princess Cimarron of Silver Cashmere, our bitch, was whelped (March 2020) in Lakeside, CA at Tender Oak Ranch. Sire Prince Silver, Dame Cashmere owned by Judy Carr. Legacy Blond Bourbon Beauregard from BoulderCrest, our stud was whelped (Jan 2021) in Horseshoe Bend, ID at BoulderCrest Ranch. Sire Bourbon, Dame Blondes Have More Fun owned by Amy Church.

Perfect as Pets, Hunting or Working Dogs

AKC DNA Certified

Professionally Bred

Cold/Frozen Semen available for shipping

Embark DNA Certified

Champion European Bloodlines 

Artificial Insemination Only

All puppies will have fully intact Dew Claws

100% Labrad💖r Retriever

Bogey 6 months

Bogey is a highly productive Stud with all of his artificial insemination evaluation counts over 1 billion. We work closely with our personal veterinarian for reproductive/puppy care and Cryobank in San Marcos, CA for all Artificial Inseminations and shipped cold or frozen semen.  

Pedigrees/AKC cert