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About Us

At Tender Crest Labradors, we believe in maximizing the potential of every puppy. Our founder, a Navy Veteran, retired teacher, counselor, and coach with a Master's Degree in Psychology, has developed a unique approach to breeding. We use Labrador Retriever’s Fixed Action Patterns, innate and instinctive “hard wired” behaviors to train our puppies. We believe it is important to identify skills, personalities and abilities in each individual puppy, to make them a more personable and better pet for your needs. Our focus is on nurturing the puppy’s natural sense of exploration and discovery through play, basic skill training and socialization . It is vital to create a supportive and loving environment that enables each puppy to reach its full potential in the first 12 weeks of their lives. Experiences are “imprinted” visually, aurally and tactically and will shape their behaviors, personalities and response to stress over their lifetime.We take great pride in the care and development of our puppies during their first 8 weeks with us, to reduce unwanted behaviors later in their lives.


Philosophy & Mission

As a responsible Dog Breeder, all potential owners are encouraged to understand exactly the time, energy and commitment required to raising and caring for a purebred Labrador Retriever. For more information on becoming a potential owner of a Tender Crest Labrador puppy or Stud Service please contact us at

Our Story

Cimarron and Bogey from Tender Crest

We look forward to finding quality homes for our precious Lab puppies and sharing Labrador love with their caring new owners. It’s why we put so much time, love and effort into our dogs.

Bogey has 22 AKC Champions on his four (4) generations pedigree. His sire Bourbon, was born in Ukraine and now lives at BoulderCrest Ranch. 

Cimarron was Whelped at Tender Oak Ranch, One of Southern California’s top Labrador Retriever breeders with decade of experience as an AKC Breeder.

To find out more or to reserve one of these wonderful animals, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you everything you need to know


Our Labradors are purposefully genetically as diverse as possible. Bogey’s Pedigree, being whelped as a 1st generation canine born in the United State then bred with Cimarron’s Southern California Pedigree greatly reduces risks for all hereditary diseases.


Both Cimarron and Bogey have been genetically screened and cleared by Embark DNA, screening in all 17 Labrador Retriever genetic health risk conditions, to identify and reduce potential health risks to their offspring.


They were then matched through Embark’s Pair Predictor and determined to be clear of hereditary diseases in all areas as a Labrador Retriever breeding pair. Results will be made available to potential buyers or individuals interested in Stud Services.

Our Dogs

All dogs enjoy a diet of Life’s Abundance Premium dog food and supplemented daily with NuVet Joint Plus and NuVet Plus 

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