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Adoption Process

    Thank you for your interest in one of Tender Crest Labrador puppies. We begin the process by establishing a waiting list for our puppies. That list is broken down into 3 categories: 1) Tentative buyers have let us know they are interested in a puppy. 2) Confirmed Buyers have placed a $500 deposit and secured a puppy. 3) Paid in Full buyers have selected their puppy and paid in full. Paid in Full buyers will have have priority on pick of the litter, followed by Confirmed Buyers in their choice of a puppy. Tentative Buyers will remain on the Waitlist but puppies may not be reserved without the $500 deposit. Paid in Full Buyers may choose their puppy as soon as payment is received, either in person at Tender Crest Labradors, located in Menifee, CA or via pictures, Facetime and videos. That decision on how to select their puppy will be left up to the Paid in Full Buyer. At 4 to 5 weeks, Tender Crest Labradors will contact our Confirmed Buyers and inform them that the puppies are ready to be chosen, in person, FaceTime or via pictures and videos. This order will be completed in the order the $500 deposits are received, after all Paid in Full Buyers have chosen their puppies. If you would like to be added to the list, Please call Tender Crest Labradors at 619-944-9544
    At Tender Crest Labradors, we offer a full, money-back health guarantee as well as insuring deposits are refundable in the event of any unforeseeable genetic medical issues that may arise with the puppies. Our Labradors are genetically screened by EMBARK DNA and have been cleared of all 17 Labrador Retriever hereditary health disorders. Puppies are sold on a first come, first served basis. Each puppy will have a Bill of Sale & Guarantee which specifies the details of our Full, Money Back Guarantee. Once you receive your puppy, you need to take him/her to your veterinarian within 48 hours to satisfy yourself that the puppy is in good health. If this exam shows any inherent health issue, you may return your puppy to Joe Schramm/Tender Crest Labradors in the same condition received. Also, written documentation from your licensed veterinarian describing the inherent issues, along with the AKC papers must be returned. At that point, the buyer will be refunded the entire purchase price, including the deposit. In addition to our money back guarantee, Tender Crest Labradors offers an optional 2 year health guarantee against genetic diseases. Buyers who continue to feed their dogs Life’s Abundance and NUVET supplements will have their puppy’s guaranteed from any genetic health disorders. Owners must provide previous proof of purchase from both Life’s Abundance and NuVet Laboratories as confirmation of their puppy’s diet to keep this health guarantee in effect. If during the first two years of your puppies life, there are any genetic related health issues, and you have been feeding your dog Life’s Abundance and giving them NuVet Supplements daily, we will take the dog back for a full refund. Licensed Veterinarian documentation and proof of purchase for Life’s Abundance and NuVet are required before entire purchase price, including the deposit, is refunded when the dog is returned.
    Puppies receive NEOPAR @ 5 & 7 weeks for Parvovirus NEOVAC DA2 Vaccine @ 6 weeks Pyrantel Pomoate Suspension de-wormer @ day 29, day 35 & day 43. Safe-guard (fembendazole) @day 50
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